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Announcing our New Cerec Crown Machine!

August 18, 2016


Redbank Plains Dental is following our dedication to using the latest technology to improve care for our patients with the addition of an Omnicam Sirona Cerec machine. The Cerec allows crowns and other appliances to be crafted in one visit and makes the process much more pleasant.

Less Invasive Design Procedure

Since the Cerec works from a 3d image of your mouth, there’s no need for mold making that can be uncomfortable, especially for those with a sensitive gag reflex. We appreciate this as much as the patient, as it makes our jobs easier and reduces discomfort.

  • Cameras take an accurate image from all sides of the affected area, to map necessary repairs.
  • Avoid numbing injections required when dealing with sensitive areas.
  • Your dentist creates your appliance in house, meaning higher quality and no more multiple visits.

Avoid the Painful Interim

With older methods, crowns require multiple visits, taking up more of your time and extending your discomfort. With same visit crowns from our Cerec, you can get back to your life sooner. It allows us to help more patients, by making good dentistry more convenient.

  • No more temporary crowns that may be uncomfortable, painful, or often fall out and require replacement.
  • No need to take extra time away from your work, or family to restore your smile.
  • Since the work is completely mapped to your mouth, repairs are less noticeable and more comfortable and often last longer.

More Versatility and Accuracy in our Repairs

With Cerec, we can use a wider variety of potential solutions for each patient. This means we are able to provide you with the fix you need, rather than relying one size fits all techniques that may be less than optimum.

  • Wider variety of available materials for constructing appliances to suit your needs.
  • Repairs happen faster, meaning there’s less chance of additional damage between appointments.
  • Since the Cerec software is integrated from camera to crown production, the results are more precise for a more successful fit and more natural feel.

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Foods to Avoid if You Want White Teeth

August 10, 2016

Foods to Avoid if you Want White Teeth

Dentists agree that your daily dental health regimen is the best tool in your arsenal for a whiter, healthier smile, but there are some things you should consider eliminating, or at least limiting in your diet to keep your smile pearly white.

Acidic Food and Drink

Anything high in sugar, or acid, like soda, high fructose corn syrup and sugary sweets will damage the enamel of your teeth. While this doesn’t necessarily darken them, it removes essential protective layers, making them susceptible to staining.

  • Switch to sugar free, or low sugar options, or drink water for optimum results.
  • Choose snacks such as vegetables and fruit that promote dental health and help reduce the effects of damage.
  • One exception is cocoa, which has some positive effect, reducing inflammation and helping prevent erosion and decay. Chocolate fans, choose lower sugar dark chocolate for better results.


Avoid Staining Agents

Drinks, like tea and wine have acidic qualities that etch the enamel. Since they are generally sipped they stay in the mouth longer and have plant tannins that are natural staining agents.

  • Sweetened tea and sugary “dessert” wines increase the effect.
  • Brushing immediately following consumption can help prevent staining but not as much as reducing or eliminating them from the diet.
  • Coffee is also a major staining agent.


Promote a Healthy Smile

You’ve likely heard it said that the best offense is a good defense, and the best thing you can do to keep a bright smile is choose foods that promote dental health.

  • Citrus fruit and fruits like strawberries are high in healthy acids that help to remove stains, without damaging enamel.
  • Crunchy foods, such as nuts and seeds, that are soft enough to safely chew, have a polishing effect that helps to remove surface stains.
  • The Sulphur in onions makes them a benefit to oral health, although not to your breath. There is a catch, they have to be eaten raw, perhaps as part of a green salad.

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The Right Way to Whiten Teeth

July 15, 2016

The Right Way to Whiten Teeth

It seems like everyone is chasing that celebrity white smile. Each decade of aging will cause the teeth to naturally become one to two shades darker. Genetics, diet and oral hygiene can also lead to your smile not being as pearly white as it could be. So it’s no surprise everyone is hunting for the solution to brighter, whiter teeth.

There are a plethora of brands out there promising the ultimate teeth whitening potions and concoctions in all different bottles. In the pursuit of whiter teeth, many turn to whitening products such as whitening strips and whitening toothpastes. But how safe are these products? And do they really deliver the wonderful things they promise?

Abrasive Whitening Products

There are two major types of product when it comes to teeth whitening: Abrasive and bleaching. Abrasive teeth whitening products will contain an abrasive agent such as silica or alumina. These products are usually toothpastes and they’re most useful for removing surface stains. They work by scrubbing off built up stains during your regular brushing routine. No matter how much whitening toothpaste you use, it will only ever be able to remove light, built-up stains, and won’t have an effect on serious stains or tooth discolouration.

If you do try a whitening toothpaste with an abrasive agent to remove light stains, make sure you don’t use too much, as the agent can scrape off enamel from your teeth when used in excess.

Peroxide-Based Whitening Products

The other type of whitening products you’ll find on the market are those which contain a bleaching agent. Chemist-bought home whitening kits and whitening strips are two of the most popular over-the-counter peroxide-based methods.

Though easily accessible over the counter, these options are not without their own issues. Some people find that whitening strips fall off, or don’t cover their full smile-zone. Paint on liquid whiteners can be time consuming to apply and may not stay on the teeth long enough to reach the desired effect. Gel based products can be easier to apply, but just like with the abrasive agents, overuse of bleach can cause damage to teeth. If your teeth are naturally sensitive, peroxide may cause pain. For these reasons, over the counter products may be not suitable for you.

Alternatively, customised home whitening kits are one of the best options for peroxide-based whitening. Prescribed by dentists, home whitening kits are stronger than whitening strips you can buy over the counter. Not only do they deliver a stronger concentration of bleach, they are more effective as the whitening agent is held in trays customised to your mouth, maximising contact between teeth and bleach.

Check with your dentist before using bleach-based products.

Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening

There are still no over-the-counter products which can achieve the same whitening as cosmetic dentistry performed by a qualified, experienced dentist. Redbank Plains dental offers the Pola in-office treatment, which will show significant colour change in a short period of time. We will also send you home with a whitening kit so you can maintain your new white smile. To book an appointment, contact us today.

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene for Children

May 16, 2016

The Importance of Dental Hygiene for Children

From dinosaur-shaped toothbrushes to strawberry-flavoured toothpaste, parents and dentists go out of their way to encourage our children to adopt a proper oral hygiene routine early on in life. And all for good reason. Studies have shown that inadequate tooth brushing, coupled with poor diet, can lead to major dental decay problems later in life.

For example, did you know that developing cavities in our primary, or milk teeth, even though we naturally lose those teeth, can lead to developing cavities in permanent teeth? Damage can be done – and bad habits adopted – very early on unless there is intervention.

Dental Benefits Schedule

At Redbank Dental, we offer children the best available service to help them adopt a good oral hygiene routine, caring for oral health and well-being. Our Child Dental Benefits Schedule plays a key part in this, giving eligible children access to up to $1,000 in benefits per child for dental services over two consecutive calendar years.

The Schedule covers a wide range of services, including examination, X-rays, cleaning, fillings, extractions and more, so it can make a very big difference to the care of your child’s teeth, at such a crucial time in their lives.

Gentle Dentistry

We are a very family-friendly dental centre, with a relaxed and caring atmosphere that makes children feel comfortable. And our team members are always willing to go that extra mile.

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We’re Always Prepared for your Dental Emergency

April 15, 2016

Dentist At Screen

You wake up in the morning with the worst toothache you have ever experienced. Or you bite down hard on a pitted cherry, only to discover that the stone’s still there and you’ve chipped a tooth.

Or worse still, one of your front teeth gets knocked out completely during a friendly game of footy!

These are all classed as dental emergencies, for which you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist – and some people put it off as long as possible between visits! But if a dental emergency goes untreated, you could be in for some serious problems later in life.

We Have a Solution

The good news is that modern dentistry has a solution for just about every mishap you might have with your mouth. Chips can be filled, missing teeth replaced.

At Redbank Plains Dental we understand that such emergencies can be painful, inconvenient, embarrassing and even frightening. So we always keep appointments available every day – just in case.

Our experienced and professional team will get straight to work assessing the situation and alleviating your immediate pain. They will then discuss with you the best plan of treatment.

Helpful Tips

We always recommend that you contact us as quickly as possible when a dental emergency occurs. But if you can’t come in immediately, here are a few tips that will help.


Rinse your mouth out well with warm water only, but avoid brushing or poking at the affected area. A cold compress applied to the face in the area of the pain can help relieve aching.

It is very important not to wait too long before visiting us, as toothache could be a sign of a serious problem, such as an impacted wisdom tooth or abscess.

Chipped Tooth

There is not always immediate pain with a chipped tooth but immediate action is still recommended. Rinse your mouth with warm water, and also rinse and keep the pieces of broken tooth. As above, a cold compress applied to the face may be useful if the tooth starts to ache.

Come and see us as soon as possible, bringing the pieces of broken tooth with you.

Tooth Knocked Out

This is nearly always distressing and frequently quite painful – but we can fix it! And for once, one of those old wives’ tales is correct! Retrieve the tooth and gently rinse it with water BUT do not scrub the tooth or remove any tissue. Then place the tooth is a small container of milk and come into the clinic as quickly as possible.

If the tooth is checked and returned to its socket by your dentist within an hour, it’s more likely to be saved. If we cannot save your real tooth, we will discuss with you alternatives, such as crowns or implants.

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Bad Breath and How To Fix It

February 1, 2016


Would you agree that bad breath is one of the first things you notice when meeting
someone new? Whether it’s this morning’s coffee or last nights garlic bread, bad breath (or halitosis) is highly unpleasant. 

Maintaining a high level of oral hygiene is key for fresh breath, as most of the time bad breath comes from a lack of regular cleaning and poor dietary choices. In some cases, bad breath can be an indication of more complicated health problems and should be seen to by a dental professional. Bad breath comes from bacteria found in the mouth, causing an odour that is forced out in conversation or when breathing. 

With an array of oral hygiene products on the market, sometimes it can be hard to choose what product is best suited to you and your family, and what products will best benefit your breath. Although dental products are paramount in keeping your mouths happy, there are many other choices that can be made in maintaining good oral hygiene. 

Here is a list of the top 5 tips for keeping your breath fresh:

Be mindful of your diet

 Highly odorous foods, herbs and beverages such as garlic and coffee will often produce longer lasting smells in your mouth. If you know you will be eating or drinking something that will linger on your breath, be sure to brush and floss after consumption, as this will help control smells.

Raw foods such as vegetables not only carry nutritional value, but also assist in the production of saliva, which acts as a natural mouth wash. Chewing sugar free gum in between meals is also a method in not only producing saliva, but also in masking odours in the mouth.  

Regular dentist visits

 A six-monthly check-up with a scale and clean at your dentist is important not only for maintaining the overall health of your mouth, but also for ensuring fresher breath long term. These visits will not only provide a thorough clean, but also help detect oral problems that could be a source of halitosis (such as cavities). 

Avoid smoking 

There are many major health problems that have a direct link to smoking, and the mouth region is no exception. Not only does tobacco smoke leave a very distinctive smell on someone’s breath, but has been known to cause gum disease – creating terrible breath problems as a result.

Regular brushing and flossing 

Brushing and flossing at least twice daily is an essential routine for maintaining fresh breath, as this assists in breaking down and removing food particles and bacteria in the mouth.  Furthermore, make sure your toothbrush is up to date and not worn out, as damaged oral products will have the tendency to miss places in the mouth. Dentists recommend you switch your toothbrush over every three months to get the best results for your teeth.

Increasing your water intake   

Dehydration has a widespread affect on the body, and a dry mouth is an unhappy mouth. Have your ever heard of the phrase ‘morning breath?’ Increasing your water intake will increase the saliva production in your mouth while you sleep, resulting in a naturally cleaner mouth and fresher breath. 

If you are having any troubles with halitosis, or would like to find out more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Redbank Plains Dental your Ipswich dentist on 07 3814 3311.


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What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

November 17, 2015


If you have suffered from single, multiple or even total tooth loss, our dental practice Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich offer advanced restorative treatments.

Losing a tooth can be the result of a number of instances. Including, but not limited to: oral trauma, loss of tooth due to tooth decay, extraction due to irreversible decay, periodontal disease, accidents obtained during sporting events, and many other various accidents. If you have had the misfortune of losing any of your teeth, we can help. At Redbank Plains Dental we offer tooth replacement solutions such as dental implants and dentures to help restore your smile to its former glory.

What are dental implants?

Created using titanium alloy, a dental implant will require surgery to install. During surgery this titanium alloy support is placed into the area exposed due to tooth loss, to act as a replacement “root”. Dental implant restorations are extremely stable, due to the fact that over the following months a successful implant will actually encourage bone regeneration around it. During this time the implant will integrate with your jawbone, like the roots of your natural teeth.

At the end of your restoration process this will also act as a support for your porcelain crown (for singular tooth restoration) or bridge (multiple tooth restoration) to be placed upon, in order to recreate the functionality and aesthetics that were lost with your teeth. These bridges and crowns are created to duplicate the look, functionality and feel of your natural teeth.

What if I can’t afford implants?

If implants seem a bit out of your price range, or the idea of surgery seems a bit drastic to you, dental implants aren’t your only option. At Redbank Plains Dental we also offer dentures.

Dentures are essentially prosthetic teeth, created to mimic the look and function of your natural teeth as closely as possible. Dentures provide structural balance to your facial features, talking, and chewing abilities. Generally dentures are a removable option, although you can talk to our friendly staff and discuss the option of implant supported dentures.

What are the benefits of tooth restorations?

Dental implants and dentures can offer the wearer a range of benefits as they:

  • Provide a tooth loss solution
  • May correct speech impediments that resulted from the loss of a tooth or teeth.
  • Restore chewing functionality
  • Stop bone degeneration of the jaw, and in some cases may reverse damage (depending upon severity of the bone degeneration)
  • Look and feel like your natural teeth


It’s never too late to restore your smile and reverse the effects of tooth loss. If you have suffered tooth loss, contact our friendly staff at Redbank Plains Dental to book a consultation at our dental practice located in Redbank Plains near Ipswich to discuss your tooth replacement options.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

October 14, 2015

Cost of wisdom teeth removal Ipswich area

Wisdom teeth removal during adolescence is a relatively common practice and one of those naturally occurring joys of growing up for some.

Together with a first job and pimples, the throbbing pain in the back of your mouth was considered somewhat a rite of passage for those who developed wisdom teeth. However, few know what causes the pain and the potential implications of delaying treatment. The team at Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich want their patients to know the facts about wisdom teeth.

What are wisdom teeth?cost to have wisdom teeth removed Ipswich

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are located in the very back on either side of your mouth. Their development and uncomfortable arrival can begin anytime during your teens to mid-20s. By the later stages, your wisdom teeth can potentially erupt or become impacted if they are not removed. For some blessed individuals, their wisdom teeth will be healthy and unobtrusive.  However, you’ll most likely need yours removed at some point since an estimated 85% of third molars eventually need to be removed according to The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

 What are impacted wisdom teeth?

Wisdom tooth impaction occurs when the tooth remains under the gum or pressed into the other adjacent teeth.  This has blocked the tooth from emerging and can result in severe pain and inflammation in the mouth and jaw area.

Do all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Not all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. At the time of your assessment, you may find that extraction is not necessary and instead our dentists will monitor your wisdom teeth with a check-up appointment. In this case, our dentists can track the tooth’s development, health, and provide necessary feedback and care instructions. You may wish to avoid the risk of problems occurring in the future and opt for your wisdom teeth to be extracted.

What is wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is the process of removing a wisdom tooth. Our dentists will examine your teeth and prescribe the best treatment for your condition. In the case that an extraction is required, the relative ease of extracting your wisdom teeth depends on their position and stage of development. The extraction procedure is very common and is likely the best solution to relieve your wisdom teeth symptoms.

What does wisdom teeth extraction cost?

At Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich, we will only prescribe what is best for the patient. Should you decide to keep your wisdom teeth, it is important to carefully clean the area daily and have the molars examined by your dentists regularly to ensure tooth and gum health.

Redbank Plains Dental offers wisdom tooth removal treatment for around $1600 depending on the severity of your case.

For more information on our services, or to book a consultation, please contact Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich today.

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How much does wisdom teeth removal cost in the Ipswich area?

September 14, 2015

wisdom teeth removal cost Ipswich

At Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich wisdom teeth removal prices will be around $1600 depending on the severity of your case.

During your appointment, our team will assess your wisdom teeth on site using the latest OPG X-ray machine. At Redbank Plains Dental we will only ever prescribe wisdom teeth extraction treatment for patients where necessary. If the tooth, gum and bone are healthy, wisdom teeth removal may not be required.

During your assessment our team will analyse the condition of your smile and provide you with a diagnosis, a quote, cleaning advice and more so that you have all the facts prior to wisdom teeth removal treatment.

Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?

A Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich, we will only prescribe what is best for the patient. Our treatment plans are based on the patient’s unique condition. For some patients, their wisdom teeth will be healthy, strong and unobtrusive. However for others, one or more of their wisdom teeth may be causing pain or infection.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

In a large number of cases, there will be impacted wisdom teeth. This is where the tooth remains under the gums or pushes into the other natural teeth.

Although some dentists may say otherwise, not all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed. You may wish to have your wisdom teeth removed to avoid the risk of problems occurring in the future. However if the tooth is not causing pain, decay or inflammation of the gums, extraction may not be necessary at that the time of your assessment.

When this is the case, our dentists will instead monitor your wisdom teeth during your check-up appointments. This way we can track the tooth’s development, progress and health; providing feedback and care instructions where necessary.

Symptoms of wisdom teeth that require extraction

If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, peruse the following symptoms. One or more symptoms may be affecting you:

  • Abscesses
  • Tooth decay
  • Dull headaches
  • Gum inflammation
  • Jaw tightness
  • Facial pain
  • Fever

There are a number of different symptoms that you may experience depending on the severity of your case.

Wisdom teeth removal cost Ipswich area

Do you live in Ipswich, Redbank Plains, Redbank, Springfield, Goodna, or any other surrounding areas? Redbank Plains Dental offers wisdom tooth removal treatment for around $1600 depending on difficulty. For more information about wisdom teeth, follow through to our related pages here:

Contact Dr Lakh Sanga and his team at Redbank Plains Dental and book your wisdom teeth consultation today.

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Infection Control & Sterilisation at Redbank Plains Dental

June 4, 2015

infection control sterilisation dentist ipswich

With the recent revelations of infection control violations by several Sydney dental practices, dental disinfection, sterilisation and patient safety have been put in the spotlight.

A report by New South Wales Health has found that up to 12,000 people may be in urgent need of blood testing after four dental clinics across Sydney were found to have been practicing without the necessary infection control standards in place.

The four Sydney practices are under investigation in regard to a number of breaches which involve poor cleaning and sterilisation practices over a number of years.

NSW Health Director of Health Protection, Dr Jeremy McAnulty suggested that, “…patients who (have) had procedures… see their GP for testing… as a precaution.”

Although health experts at this stage suggest that the risk of infection remains low, it is recommended that any patients who underwent “invasive procedures” at the four practices receive necessary testing.

At Redbank Plains Dental, we maintain the highest infection control standards

We undergo the relevant training necessary to ensure our patients’ safety is maintained. We value the health and safety of each and every one of our patients, and this is emphasised through our sterilisation techniques which we embody throughout our practice. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Redbank Plains Dental, as we strive to undertake the safe practices necessary to leave you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Whilst we believe these breaches are damaging to the industry and a serious concern to the wider community, we welcome the identification of such breaches to ensure strict standards are maintained across the industry. Paramount to our dental clinic is the health and wellbeing of our patients, which is why we have stringent protocols and standards in place to ensure our patients will not be at risk during their visits.

It is during this time that the team at Redbank Plains Dental would like to reassure our patients of our strict protocols regarding infection control and hygiene.

We value the health and safety of all our patients. We passed another random infection control audit by Qld health this year which reviews our infection control standards and operations. Our staff attend regular meetings on infection control and have undergone relevant training in regards to the infection control standards set by Australian law.

At Redbank Plains Dental, our autoclaves are routinely serviced and maintained. All our instruments are either disposable or are sterilised in autoclaves ensuring all bacteria are eliminated completely.

We are looking out for your health and safety

Entrust your oral health with the experienced team at Redbank Plains Dental, where we provide the highest quality dental care available.

For more information on our services, or to book a consultation, please contact Redbank Plains Dental near Ipswich today.

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